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Corporate Program

A lot of workshops have been done for many corporates, organizations, factories & clubs for their staff who are highly stressed and work many hours a day and have no time to exercise.

In the workshop we teach:

  1. 5 Tibetan Rites – Yogic exercises that the Tibetan Lamas did to stay young and live a long healthy life.– Fun exercises for rejuvenation, revitalization and eternal youth, & for boosting sexual energy.
  2. Praanayam – simple yet powerful breathing exercises that helps to rejuvenate the mind and also make it more focussed , still and peaceful. Increases lung capacity and cures respiratory problems.
  3. Qigong exercises and stretches to warm up the body and also relieve stress.
  4. Exercises on how to harness the power of the sub conscious mind. How to set goals and how to achieve them through the power of positive thinking and creative visualization
  5. Meditation – for increasing concentration, improve memory, and help focus more on work.

Typical Training Capsules:

Tibetan yoga and meditation including all the above contents take only 4 hours to learn.

It takes only 15 minutes to practice Tibetan yoga daily

  1. 2 days’ program – 2 sessions of 2 hours each day.  This package is for up to 30 people

  2. One day 4 hours session  This package is for up to 30 people (more if the space is enough)

  3. For training and induction programs and residential conferences we are invited by many pharmaceutical companies , banks and BPOs to conduct 2 to 3  90 minutes’ sessions for 2 to 3 days before breakfast or in the evenings after their daily training sessions.

  4. Each participant is given a kit containing reference material with diagrams and also a CD with all the instructions of how to do praanayam, warm up exrercises, 5 Rites and meditation, to support them to set up their daily exercise routine of 15 minutes.

  5. Follow up classes are done periodically to make sure the participants are doing the exercises well. An extensive follow up is done via emails and calls to motivate participants to do the practices regularly because our intention is that everyone should not only just learn the 5 Rites but do them and benefit from them.

    Training capsules can be designed as per your requirement and at any time convenient to you.

    Workshops can be done at your office or at the hotel or in hired halls.

    Workshops can be conducted in any part of India or any foreign country.


Corporate Programs

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A FREE INTRODUCTORY PROGRAM OF 30 MINUTES CAN BE CONDUCTED AT YOUR OFFICE. In this program we give a talk of 20 minutes explaining what Tibetan yoga is and its benefits and show a CD of the exercises for 10 minutes.
Once people hear about how this exercise routine is going to help them in stress management and to increase their energy and concentration,&  relieve them of aches and pain,  95% are very keen to learn Tibetan Yoga and meditation.
Then we make groups of 25 to 30 people and hold the workshops for them.

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