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Events / Workshops

OCTOBER 2007 & 2008

  • I was invited by Novartis Pharma,to conduct several wokshops for the participants of the "Female Leadership Forum 2006" held in Basel , Switzerland on 17th & 18th October.
  • More than 100 ladies took the Tibetan yoga and meditation workshop and loved it.Even until now I am recieving feedbacks from some of the participants that they are getting great benefits by doing the exercises regularly.

JANUARY 2008 -

  • Workshop conducted for the 10th and 12th grade students at Rajhans School in Andher,and at Pupil's High School, in Khar Mumbai.
  • The feed back from the principals of both the schools was that the students' memory improved and they were less stressed at the time of exams, which brought a better result for the schools.
  • We also conducted some workshops for the teachers and parents after introductory talks at the PTA meetings.This helped the parents to get over their medical & stress related problems and the whole family did the exercises together.
  • A very succesful workshop was conducted for Cap Gamini Co.at the Renesiance Hotel, Powai when they had the employees from all over the world participating in a training for 3 days. They learnt Tibetan yoga, Praanayam, and meditation in 3 sessions of 1 hour each morning before breakfast.
  • Early last year 2 workshops were conducted for the employees of Larsen & Tubro Company, in Powai, Mumbai. The wives of these employees were much impressed with the change they noticed in their husbands, that they too wanted to learn the 5 Tibetan Rites. So a workshop was conducted for the wives and now the couples are doing the exercises together and are motivating each other.
  • In Late January we were invited to teach this yoga to the employees of the Zydus Cadilla company in Ahmedabad in Gujarat , Inida.
  • The ladies who had participated in the workshop took up the yoga seriosly and have reported that they have been able to lose weight, get over their backaches and headaches and are feeling energetic and enthusiastic throughout the day.
  • An article was written in the DNA news paper in Ahmedabad about how the pharmaceutical companies are prescribing Tibetan yoga for their own employees to manage stress. Date of the article - 31 1 09


  • Schlumberger India Ltd had us conduct 4 workshops in their office in Goregaon, Mumbai, 2 workshops each in their offices in Vashi.
  • They then sent me to Delhi , Rajahmundry and Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh , India to conduct similar workshops in their offices there.
  • They want a workshop to be conducted every month in Mumbai.
  • Also we will be doing a special workshop for the children of the employees during Diwali vacation.
  • I was one of the feculty at the J J Hospital, Mumbai for teaching Tibetan yoga and meditation to the doctors who had come from all over India to attend a training seminar.
  • Students of the SNDT Collage, Mumbai were keen participants of the workshop conducted for them in their collage. Even some teachers and the principal attended the class.
  • Feedback : Memory and concentration of students improved and girls' period pains were reduced.
  • 60 people at the Phillip Godfrey Cigarette Factory learnt Tibetan yoga at the workshops conducted in their factory in Mumbai. The feed back :
    "Feeling very enrgetic and can work longer hours without getting tired."

MARCH 2008

  • Interventional Techologies had their budget meeting at the 'Retreat Hotel' Mudh Island , Mumbai and invited us to conduct the workshop for 2 days before breakfast for all their employees from all over India.
  • 2 workshops each were conducted for the members of the ellite 'Willingdon Club' and 'Acres Club' in Chembur, Mumbai , following the introduction programs.
  • 2 workshops conducted at 'IL&FS Financial Services Ltd' in Andher,Mumbai.
    4 more will be conducted in their main office in Bandra Kurla Complex.for over 100 people.
  • Several workshops were conducted at all the offices of " Polaris " Software Company , in Andheri and in Seepz.
  • About 40 people took the workshop at Colgate Palmolive Company in Powai office.
  • Johnson & Johnson Company had us conduct workshops for all their employees at their head office in Mumbai.
  • About 100 participants from 8 different companies had sent their employees to the workshop conduated at the "Indian Merchants" Chamber", Mumbai
  • After the management noticed a marked change in the health and attitude of the people they sent to the workshop, they invited us to conduct workshops for all their staff at Exim Bank, J.L.Morison(India) Ltd, Greaves Cotton Ltd., Associated Chemicals etc.
  • Workshops conducted for "Mainstream Consulting" Pvt Ltd.
    Feed back: "We are doing this yoga daily in the office and are feeling more energetic and enthusiastic for work"

APRIL 2008

  • 3 more workshops at the Training Center of 'Bharat Petroleum Company" at Juhu, Mumbai.
  • Many workshops are being conducted for 100s of staff members of "Patni Computer Systems Ltd"

MAY 2008

  • One workshop of Tibetan Yoga offered at Novartis company for men and one more workshop for the women at Novartis, Mumbai.
  • 2 workshops already conducted in the office of "Financial Technologies" and 5 more will be conducted in June and July.2007.
  • We will be going to New Zealand to do several workshops for companies like "CSL Biotherapies NZ Ltd.", 'Bayer Ltd', 'Abbot Ltd' and many more in August.
  • 2nd half of August we will go to conduct workshops in Phillipines for some pharma companies.

* We welcome sponsers to do these workshops abroad.

Do watch the program of Tibetan yoga on 7 Star "Care" Channel every day in the porgram - "AAp ka swasth Care ke saath" at 6am, 8.30am, 3pm and 10pm.

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