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Five Tibetan Rites

The Five Tibetan Rites is a yoga routine based on a ritual of exercises done by the Tibetan Lamas , which helped them to live very long and healthy life and to stay ever young& vibrant. They are simple yet highly energizing exercises which anyone of any age can do very easily.  An important part of the Tibetan exercises is a conscious synchronization of breathing while performing physical activity.

They were brought to the west early in this century by a retired British army officer who learned them from Lamas and practiced them in a Tibetan lamasery. He himself became many years younger.

They are practiced around the world and very effective to prevent aging.  

The Five Tibetans take a minimum of daily time and effort but can dramatically increase physical strength and suppleness as well as mental acuity. Even newcomers to yoga will experience the Five Tibetans' liberating effect on the innate energetic power of the human body and mind. Regular practice of these exercises relieves muscular tension and nervous stress, improves respiration and digestion, benefits the cardiovascular system and leads to deep relaxation and well-being. The Five Tibetans can be a powerful vehicle not only for enlivening the senses but also for generating and harnessing vital energy for self transformation.
The entire routine can be completed in less than 20 minutes.

The 5 Rites attract the universal energy into our body; balancing the 7 Chakras which promote the free flow of prana (chi energy) revitalizing our body & mind.

They activate endocrine glands regulating the hormonal output. 5 Rites work on the nervous, digestive, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems of our body.

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