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History of Tibetan Yoga

Tibetan Yoga is the union of mind, body and spirit, & is based on Buddhism. The Godly Tibetan Lamas believe in living each moment to the fullest, i.e. to be consciously and totally present in every moment. These Lamas lived for 100 years and more but looked & felt like they were 50 years old. Their secret of eternal youth & vitality was a set of 5 simple yogic exercises called the ‘5 Rites ‘which were developed over centuries in the monasteries of Tibet.

In 1930 they were brought to the west by a retired British army officer, Corl. Bredford. who lived with the Lamas & practiced the 5 Rites for 3 years and returned looking many years younger. His friend, Peter Kelder, recorded the experiences of Bredford in a book called “The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth”. Millions of people started doing the 5 Rites with amazing experiences of regaining youth, vitality, & of being cured of depression, arthritis, backache, diabetes, & digestive, respiratory, & heart problems.

Rustam and Razia Patel were introduces to the 5 Rites by a friend who had bounced back to perfect health after suffering from 3 heart attacks.
Impressed by this, Razia went to USA and took classes of Tibetan Yoga and brought back books and video of the 5 Rites.

Then both Razia & Rustam started doing the Rites & within weeks were cured of slip disc and spondilytis. They then started sharing Tibetan Yoga with their friends who also felt positive effect on their physical & mental health.

One lady who got very good benefits of doing the Rites wrote an article in the Times of India paper, and after reading that article 100s of people called wanting to learn the 5 Rites and that is how Razia started doing workshops to teach people Tibetan yoga& meditation.

The feedback that they got from the participants was dramatic….They all felt very energetic, got relief from neck & backache, reduced high blood pressure & diabetes, their concentration and efficiency improved, & they felt more positive.

“It is very heartening to hear ladies share that their husbands are returning home from work feeling fresh & energetic so their family & social life has improved”says Razia.

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