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Razia Patel
Born and brought up in Nairobi, Kenya. She did her schooling in Kenya and did her MA in Psychology at Cambridge University. She was an airline stewardess for Swiss air, Pan Am and Kenya Airways and since her marriage to Rustam , she has been living in Mumbai.

She learnt meditation and Siddha Yoga, Ashtang Yoga & Hatha yoga in an ashram in Ganeshpuri in India and has been a certified teacher of meditation and has been teaching meditation all over the country since last 20 years. She has done a course at the Bihar School of Yoga .Now her selfless service ( seva) is to teach yoga, pranaayam, meditation and values of life to children.

She learnt Tibetan Yoga from a Yoga institute in USA and has been teaching it since Jan 2000 at the corporates, schools, collages, housing societies, clubs, organisations and at conventions and conferences all over the world & all over India.

4 years ago year she took an advance course of Tibetan Yoga & classes in ‘Qi - Gong’ & ‘Pilates’ form of exercises in Syracuse, U.S.A.

There is also a team of young trained assistants.

Rustam Patel
He learnt the skills involved in Yoga from Swami Dhirendra Bhramachari for 8 months in Kashmir. He was a physical instructor in Collages in Srinagar teaching yoga and meditation. For one year he learnt Ashtang and Hatha yoga from the world renowned Yoga Teacher, Iyengar in Mumbai. He has been teaching Tibetan Yoga since last 6 years. He learnt meditation and Siddha Yoga in an ashram in Ganeshpuri in India.

Mr. Rustam & Mrs. R Patel have been conducting Tibetan yoga workshops since 2000 all over India & abroad.

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