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Hello Razia,

Thanks for the update on the participants.

I have submitted your invoice to the accounts Dept for payment I will let you know when the cheque is ready. The 4 follow up sessions held and Goregaoan base you will receive a payment of INR 9,000/- along with the other invoices submitted.
I want to share with you that the follow up sessions were very usefull to get the daily practice of the exercises started.

Now we have 2 sessions of 15 a day daily at the recreation hall and the  feedback from the participants is very encouraging. They are all feeling energetic and more positive., They have become better friends helping each other to do the exercises.Merin's back pain is almost gone and Fredrik has stopped taking medication for his blood pressure and diabetes, and Jyoti is thrilled that she has lost weight.
I will let you know of the feed back from Delhi, Kakinada and Rajamumndri offices when I recieve it.
All of us at Schlumberger want to thank you for introducing us to Tibetan yoga..

"At the outset let me thank you for teaching us(with passion) Tibetan Yoga. I have been practicing it practically everyday. It is particularly useful for me when I am on tour where I do in my hotel room in just 15 minutes & it keeps me going all day.I feel very energetic through out the day. I have also taught my kids the rites, and they are also enjoying doing it though not very regularly.

Once again thanks for teaching us a wonderful stress buster."

Mohan Nair
National Manager,
DePuy Spine
a Johnson& Johnson Company.
" It's a wonderful experience and now enjoying life with almost no backache problem.
My concentration is better and can work long hours without getting tired. 

Thanks a lot."

HR Head - Datamatics (Call Center)

"You have given us really a wonderful gift in the type of Tibetan Yoga. I am doing the five rights daily and have reached 21 times. It is really bringing a good result. The pain which I was having before periods has decreased.
The fats deposited on my thighs has also decreased . I have started to get the compliments that I have reduced my weight and there is a glow on my face.

Really I am thankful to u a lot for this great gift of good health .

When r u coming to Ahmedabad? My colleagues,friends and family also want to learn this yoga."

Mini  -- HR Head
Zydus Cadila Pharnaceutical CO. Ahmedabad

" I am keeping my promise and every day at 5:45am I get up and it is the first thing that I do.

I tried to initiate doing them at work and it is working well for those who are doing them. They are feeling relaxed and energetic.

In the initial few days I could experience a cool feeling in my eyes throughout the day.Now I feel more possitive and enthusiastic about my work.

I do 21 chakras of 1st rite and the remaining have now gone up to 8 each.(Correct me if this is not good)

The pain in my back has reduced considerably

You are a blessing for me and many others."


" Sorry I could not reply to you yesterday as I was a bit busy.

Yes I do the Five Rites religiously and also I have taught the same to my wife and she also does with me.

Her blood pressure is almost normal now and my diabetes has reduced. I feel energetic through out the day.

We don’t miss because it takes so little time to practice daily."

Mejar Singh
INM Global Tops Trainer



Valay Shah
"Thanks for the note - am incorporating the 5 rites into my daily
exercise – I have particularly enjoyed the first rite and the breathing which I already feel is increasing my energy level and my head feels clearer & more focussed.

Jon and I are fairly disciplined about my daily exercise and have been
for a very long time so it's not difficult for us to incorporate some new exercises into our daily routine. I have taught Jon the 5 rites and we do them together after our walk round the racecourse - this is the best time of the day as this is our quality time to talk and catch up with each other.Thank you very much for teaching me the rites - you are an excellent advocate for Tibetan Yoga with your warm sunny smile and young bright mind."

Robyn & Jon Bitcheno
# 5
Diamond Head

"Hope all well with you and your hubby, this is just to Thank you for having shown the TIBETAN YOGA exercises it has really helped me to 90%,I can say my back ache is very seldom after going through this exercises, and so is my knee problem that has completely vanished, sometimes i do become irregular on my sechedule exercises , just say, laziness.


CEO Multinational Compay

"I immediately noticed a boost in my energy level and feeling of well being. Now I rarely feel tired and am stronger to cope with stress too. I feel more alert now and have more lasting power on my job."

V. J. Patel,
Salesman Pharmaceutical Co.

"I used to drag myself half asleep to class in the morning. After I do the rites, though, I feel refreshed and alert, even looking forward to my studies. Since starting the rites, I've noticed a dramatic improvement in my memory and performance at school."

Rahul Sawant,

"Commuting daily to work and sitting at the computer for long hours gave me severe neck pain and backache for years. By doing these exercises for just one month, my pain has reduced by 90%. Now I can focus more and attend 30% more calls. the best thing is I don't feel tired at the end of the day and still have energy to party and enjoy myself."

Manuel Fernandes,
International Call Center Employee

 "I started practicing 5 Rites just 2 months ago. I have lost 5 kgs of weight and have been receiving compliments for my glowing skin, for looking younger and fresh. I sincerely recommend these exercises to my patients who suffer from joint pain and backache."

Dr. Deepti Mehta,


"Doing these exercises for only 15 minutes daily has reduced my blood pressure by 50% and has brought my diabetes under control. I feel energetic and enthusiastic and I can enjoy with my family even after working for 15 hours in my clinic."

Dr. Rajiv Anand,
"I always wanted to learn Yoga but had no time but 5 Rites were easy and quick to learn and I can easily fit them into my busy schedule. I do them even when I travel on business frequently. My sexual desires and abilities have returned to normal and has improved."

A. S. Kulkarni [63],
"Performing the 5 Rites daily for just 15 minutes gives me energy, vitality,& a agreat sense of well being. Within 6 weeks' practice people are complementing that I am looking younger & healthier !!"

Mr. F.R. Mehta

Dear Mr. Rusi patel
This is to thank you for given me the advise of tibetan yoga 3 years back.
I have been doing tibetan yoga for the last 3 years.
Tibetan yoga

  • Improved my eye sight
  • Digestion
  • Energy level
  • Good sleep
  • Improved concentration in my work

Finally with good health i have made good progress in my life.  At the Age of 50+ so far no blood pressure / diabetice. From 01st jan 2006 I have been promoted, taken over as Cargo manager - srilankan airlines – cargo

Thanks & best regards
Gopal k. Devadiga


Dear madam,
After attending your tibetan yoga & meditation practice session at our bharat petroleum learning centre, Juhu, i am regularly doing the basics which you had taught us i.e. Pranayam , kappal bhatti & five tibetan rites in the morning. I am having high blood pressure and do take doctors prescription, but of late my bp has substantially come down and i am also feeling peaceful and energetic.
Please accept my sincere thanks  for the guidance!!!

With warm regards,
 P.A. Vijay

I am Mohsin Charania 46 years old, working as manager cargo of m/s. Hermes travel & cargo pvt.ltd. “hermes” is involved in clearing & freight forwarding business from  india to all parts of the world and is ranked in  top 10 iata agents on all india level.

I am a heart patient from 1991 and the pressure of work to maintain our company’s record over the years, has affected my health very much. I was sufering and carrying on.

Then a miracle happened. My friend mr. Russi patel introduced and taught me the 1st rite of tibetan  yoga (chakar) within week i felt an increased in my energy level and in 3 weeks time i was realy feeling a  wonderful sense of well being. I have been doing this 1st rite since the last 4 years every single day.  It is so simple. Just takes 2 minutes of my time and the results are unbelivable . Earlier i would reach home so tired that i would just go to bed to rest to get some energy to work next day. Now i am so full of energy, when i reach home. I play with my two kids and enjoy a hearty meal cooked by my wife. Besides this my digestion, sleep, has emproved and my heart functions very efficiently. This makes me more focus on my day to day work. I wish more and more people should do this with desipline to do everyday then the result are gauranted as i have  experienced.

With warm regards,
 Mohsin Charania

Hello Razia,
I have always wanted to share my experience on before and after doing the 5
Rites of the Tibetan Yoga.

I am 46 of years and had a tragic past. Earlier I was remain quite and little enthu on any assignment and was always lost in my thoughts which, further affected my health.  This also resulted in my professional life and had become lethargic in my work.  But, after doing Tibetan Yoga there was sudden change which I noticed in myself and that was I had become more energetic, more attentive and always remained cheerful.  To add to this even
my overall look [physical] changed a lot and I was looking my younger to my age. My colleagues never missed an opportunity in complimenting me on my change looks.

I also had developed knee related problem before and now, it has subsided to a large extent.

Though you have told us to practice or repeat the rites for 21 times, i have still not achieved the 21 repeatations.  But sometimes I feel if doing only 10 repeatation per day has shown such a tremendous result what would be the effect once I complete the 21 repeatations.  I am sure I will touch tat 21 repeatation mark very soon.  Time is only the concern here.

Thankz so much for coming to our coming and teaching us the most beautiful art of staying young and fit.

All my best wishes



It's over 3 months that I did my workshop in Tibetan Yoga combined with breathing exercises and a bit of meditation. I found it extremely good and practical.  I must mention that I ve been a regular in performing Yoga and walking everyday even before doing this workshop. Therefore the results in my case may not be as good as in the case of somebody who hasn't been serious about yoga before doing this workshop. I am sure in such a case it would be a lot more beneficial and difference would be measurable or perceivable.

I would certainly mention that even in my case the performing of Yoga became a lot more regular after I did the exercise for the following reasons:

  • The entire programme is designed with simplicity
  • Exercises are simplified to make them easier for everybody, probably something that the Lamas worked on successfully. 
  • Takes minimum time, hence becomes a lot more flexible and manageable than the conventional Yoga programmes.
  • 5 rites sequenced with some logic, activates all the parts of your body easily; thereby giving a good beginning to you day. Nothing like starting a day well energised and mentally composed.
  • Some warming up exercises are also very good and effective

I must mention at this point of time, that after doing this workshop, I organised one for my employees. Secondly I have not missed a single day of performing the yoga and breathing exercises after doing the workshop. It's that comfortable and pleasing. I would like to give it a new name; "The executive Yoga Training Program", because it helps you manage your time despite your hectic schedule and is effective"

CEO  -- Glaxo Klien   India

This is to inform you that prior to have started the Tibetan Chakra – 1st Right, I used to be tired, sleepless night, too much of tensions, absolutely no energy to withstand anything.

The Tibetan Chakra – 1st Right was taught by my colleague – Mr. Russi Patel while having a normal morning discussion was enquiring about my health.

He then introduced me this FIRST RIGHT and I could not believe myself, since May 2003 the day I started doing this, which only take few minutes. Moreover, you do not have to go out to a gymnasium, lookout for a open space, and above all you do not spend a single cash, believe it or not, I have achieved the following advantage.

  • Energy level has gone up
  • Concentration has improved
  • Absolutely do not feel tired.
  • Appetite has improved
  • Last but not the least, I have a sound sleep, which I never used to have with the various tensions and problems any human would have.

Since I head the HR department of a reputed Aviation Organization, my relationship with my colleague and other sub staff have improved to a great extent which has been duly appreciated by the Management.

My personal life has also improved, despite my hectic twelve hours schedule including of commuting to & fro, I feel fresh even at the end of the day, in spite of exhaustive work and traveling.

My family members have also noticed this improvement and personal attitude in the behavior and able to express my love and care to each and every one.

" The girls of the 9th & 10th standard of the A B Petit Girls's High School did a workshop on Tibetan yoga and most of them were cured of period pains and their periods were regulated.
I was amazed at the exam results. Most of them did much better in their exams as their concentration and memory improved tremendously. They were taught to do praanayam and meditation before starting to study and they were more focussed on their studies and it was easier for them to memorise their lessons.Also they were taught positive thinking and to use the power of the subconcious mind to help them to affirm that they will remember all they have studied and they wrote their  papers well.They were not so stressed for exams.
I would like to thank you, Mrs. Patel for conducting these workshops for our students and would like to invite you to teach even the teachers and the parents of the students as we can all use these exercises to stay young and fi and stress free." 

Yasmine Charania

Supervisor & teacher ( boarders)
A.B.Petit School
Bandra, Mumbai.

"We are thankful to Mrs. Razia Patel for conducting Tibetan yoga and meditation workshop for the trainers of Nicholas Piramal Co.
I recommend this workshop to all the training programs of companies as it is excellent for stress management. The best part is that it takes only a few hours to learn and very little time to practice daily. This is practical and doable program and is self motivating.
I would like to introduce this to all my training programs & recommend for all as it has reduced absentees and also increased sales because now the staff are more energetic and healthy and enthusiastic .The extencive follow up done by Mrs Patel after the workshop and the CD have motivated our  staff to be regular in their practice of doing yoga and they are enjoying it."

Mr. Khushru Regina,

Training Manager,
Nicholas Parimal Co.


" I learnt Tibetan yoga and meditaion from Mrs. Patel at our Society and all my family members are doing it regularly.We all feel a lot more energy at work and at collage.I had Mrs. Patel do this workshop for all my workers at my printing press.The feedback we got after 3 weeks of doing the 5 Rites  is that all the workers are much more energetic and cheerful at work.
I have noticed that they are less absent and are very willing to put in a few extra hours when we have a deadline to meet.
It was a good gift to give them but I have benefitted in the process as the work has improved and I have a happier lot to work for me. I have drawn one conclusion that we all need this sort of a stress management program wether we are executives or ordinary workers."
Vishvanath Shetty
Printworks, Lower Parel,

"Dear Mrs Patel,

After recieving a very possitive response from our PTA members who did the last workshop of Tibetan yoga & meditation , we would like to invite you again to do a workshop for our teachers as they are stressed and also for the parents who missed coming to the last 2 workshops. The parents are very appreciative to the school for conducting this workshop for them.
In October I would like you to do a workshop for our students also.So please let me know your awailable dates."
Thanking you,

Nupur Jain,

Kamladevi High School

"We are very happy and thankful that you conducted a workshop of Tibetan yoga and meditation for our staff members a few weeks ago.I have personally seen the tremendous benefits of 5 Rites and would now like to offer this to our esteemed and important customers as a gift. So the first group will be of 20 clients, men and women ,on the 5th and the second group will be of 25 poeple on the 12th of August . Please cofirm these dates so we can inform our customers accordingly."
Thank you,

Best regards,

Mr. S Basu,
UTI Bank, Versova.


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